Trip to New York

Just got back last night from my second trip to New York, this time with Angie and we stayed right near times square at the Residence Inn. Of course, it was an amazing trip! Last week I took it kind of easy training since I am finished racing for the year. On Tuesday I rode up over suncrest and had an interesting dual with a cyclist. I was feeling kind of crappy all weekend b/c I stayed up and partied after I went and DJ’d at the W and my whole last race as a cat 3, I was still pretty exhausted. I felt like I was climbing pretty well and just before the steep section I was passed by a tall skinny cyclist. I tried to get on his wheel but I couldnt grab it and he distanced himself pretty fast from me, I was pretty stunned. But then i started reeling him in during the steepest sections of the curves and then was able to jump out of my saddle and really move ahead. It felt great. On tuesday I tried to ride up big cottonwood canyon but was pretty exhausted from the heat and the wind was so furious, on the descent I had a really hard time controlling my bike. Thursday I did a FTP 20 minute test up Little Cottonwood and had my highest score of 338 and at 174 that put me at 4.2k/w. Later in the day Angie and I went up to the concert “Thievery Corporation” at Red Butte Gardens, it was a great time but too packed, the exact reason I dont like concerts. Other than that it was a blast.

We left Salt Lake at around 10 AM and our plane got in about 4pm and we dropped off our stuff in the Hotel Room and went and explored for a place to eat. We couldnt find anything decent and then went to a bar that served hamburgers and drinks, it absolutely sucked and we spent $73 there, i was so pissed that I wasted my money there. It took me a while to get over it but we walked over to time square and then went and walked around looking for an Ice Cream place which we could not find and ended up settling on buying some Hageen Daz and chilling in the hotel room. The next morning we got up, ate breakfast and went and explored the city. We walked from Times Square all the way down to little Italy, Chinatown, then the World Trade Center, Battery Park then back up through little Italy and home. It was a long walk, we ate italian food and I had a very delicious lasagne and Angie had a Panini. On our way home we stopped for some Gelato. By the time we got back we walked over 10 miles. We took a rest and then got ready for dinner and went to an amazing cuban place where I had a pulled pork with a bean and rice side dish, it was absolutely delicious and the server was amazing. After that we went to a club called District 36, it had great music but the dudes were such Guidos. Ang and i just stuck to ourselves and had a blast. This was definitely the best day of the trip. The next day we were pretty hung over and just walked down to little Italy and had an ‘ok’ peice of pizza at Joes Pizza. Went back and slept for a few hours then went to dinner at a Chinese place then came back to the hotel and watched our Sunday show line up and just cuddled, which was a lot of fun. Then on Monday we walked up to central park, pretty boring then ate at a couple places on the way back (deli and Halal’s mediteranian combo). Later we went shopping for clothes and then ate at a Thai restaurant. The next morning we got up and headed off to the airport and home.