2012 Race & Event Results

2012 Bikes 4 Kids Criterium

Its the end of the season and I am getting ready to start my winter training. Tonight I rounded up my race and event results for the year to submit to my team for race reimbursement and thought I would post my results. In two weeks we will have the UCA awards ceremony where took 1st place in the Overall State Championship and 2nd place in the UCA points series. Looking over my results, it seemed like I got off to a rocky start in the Cat 3′s but over the year got a lot better.

2012 Race & Event Results

Series Results: 

  • 2012 UCA Cat 3 Individual Standings – 2nd Place
  • 2012 UCA  Cat 3 State Champion Series – 1st Place
  • 2012 Crit Series B Flite Individual Standings – 5th place

Cat 3 Race Results: 

  • Tour Del Sol Time Trial – 5th Place
  • Tour Del Sol Criterium – 27th Place
  • Tour Del Sol Road Race – DNF (mechanical)
  • Tour of the Depot Time Trial – 13th Place
  • Tour of the Depot Road Race – 14th Place
  • Tour of the Depot Circuit Race – 18th Place
  • Tour of the Depot Stage Race – 10th Place
  • East Canyon Road Race – DNF (mechanical)
  • Utah State Time Trial Championships – 4th Place
  • Bikes 4 Kids Criterium – 23rd Place
  • Bikes 4 Kids Road Race – 11th Place
  • Bikes 4 Kids Time Trial – 4th Place
  • Bikes 4 Kids Stage Race – 4th Place
  • Utah State Road Race Championships – 3rd Place
  • Utah State Criterium Championships – 4th Place
  • Porcupine Hill Climb – 3rd Place
  • Tour of Park City – 10th Place
  • Snowbird Hill Climb – 2nd Place
  • Double M Road Race – 2nd Place

Century/Gran Fondo

Salt Lake Century – 4:27

 Utah Crit Series (Event/Date/Flite/Place/Team/Points/Team Points)

  •  DLD Criterium 4/4/2012 – 12th Place
  • Saltair Time Trial 4/5/2012 – 1st Place
  • DLD Criterium 4/18/2012 – 13th Place
  • Emigration Hill Climb 4/19/2012 – 1st Place
  • DLD Criterium 5/2/2012 – 15th Place
  • Emigration Hill Climb 5/3/2012 – 2nd Place
  • Saltair Time Trial 5/10/2012 – 2nd Place
  • Emigration Hill Cilmb 5/17/2012 – 4th Place
  • Saltair Time Trial 5/24/2012 – 2nd Place
  • DLD Criterium -5/30/2012 – 17th Place
  • Saltair Time Trial 5/31/2012 – 1st Place
  • DLD Criterium 6/6/2012 – 11th Place
  • RMR Criterium 6/12/2012 – 20th Place
  • DLD Criterium 6/13/2012 – 5th Place
  • Emigration Hill Climb 6/14/2012 – 2nd Place
  • RMR Criterium 6/19/2012 – 17th Place
  • Emigration Hill Climb 6/21/2012 – 1st Place
  • DLD Crterium 6/27/2012 – 9th PLace
  • Saltair Time Trial 6/28/2012 – 1st Place
  • Saltair Time Trial 7/12/2012 – 2nd Place
  • Emigration Hill Climb 7/19/2012 – 4th Place
  • Saltair Time Trial 7/26/2012 -1st Place
  • Emigration Hill Climb 8/2/2012 – 3rd Place
  • Saltair Time Trial 8/23/2012 – 2nd Place
  • Emigration Hill Climb 8/30/2012 – 4th Place
  • Saltair Time Trial (Double Points) 9/6/2012 – 3rd Place

Roaring Twenties Party and Last Epic Ride

A tribute to my 7th grade wood shop instructor…..

I had a fairly productive week, spending most of it working on refinishing the shed outside, which turned out great. I still have a bit of work to do on it but it looks brand new and only took about 4-5 days to do. I was able to use some gift certificates from home depot to purchase the wood and materials. It was great to get this shed taken care of, the years of being out in the elements had caused the wood to warp and the doors were practically falling off. Now it looks like one that I had barely purchased and the new doors I built look great!

Getting hooked on Strava

During the week, I did most of my training in the morning and then leaving my nights to work outside. I finally was able to get out for a ride on Friday evening and got a worthy KOM on Strava. I was able to get the Wasatch Blvd section which had a 3.2 slightly downhill in just over 6 minutes with an average speed of 30.2 mph and 1st out of 6300 rides on that stretch.

Angela’s Aerial Yoga

Angie picked up a 30 day pass to Darla’s Aerial Arts studio where they teach aerial yoga and aerial silks training. The first class she did was the yoga class, which required a lot of core strength and flexibility. On Friday, the aerial silks class required a lot more upper body strength and balance, having to use the suspended silk to climb and move above the ground. Angela used so many muscles that she doesn’t normally work and of course was sore for a few days after, but glad she did it and looking forward to doing it a lot more.


Last Epic Ride of the 2012 Season

I used Saturday to do my last long ride of the season. German invited me to do a ride from Draper out to Little Mountain/Emigration Canyon with the Bad Ass Coffee group, originally I was going to do this with Angela and then just ride on to Big Mountain then catch up with the group. Later in the week German had to cancel the ride so the evening before I started thinking maybe I should do a long ride, then I thought about riding out to Henefer. Greg decided to join me for part of the ride, as I got further out there the wind started kicking up and I questioned if I really wanted to go over the other side and deal with that kind of wind coming back. I finally decided to continue on after hesitating for a moment at the top.

The north side of Big Mountain seemed desolate, and even more so when I passed the East Canyon reservoir which was very low, almost dry. The traffic was sparse which was nice in some ways, with the exception of a lot of motorcycles enjoying the fall riding. The wind was pretty annoying and seemed to come from different directions. I decided instead of riding into Henefer, I would ride out towards Morgan and possibly continue on to Ogden. I wasn’t sure how the ride would be coming down Ogden canyon so I eventually decided it would be safer to return the same way I came, unfortunately that would require climbing back over Big Mountain. The return trip was rather slow, especially on the climb and due to the wind I was practically creeping along the last few miles of the ride, so exhausted.

The Roaring Twenties Party for Stevie

When I got home, I went and got some junk food to refuel myself, which was fun and unfortunately gave me a stomach ache. I took a quick nap and started getting ready for a night out. Stevie was going to have a “Roaring Twenties” party so we got all geared up in Boardwalk Empire gear. Before we went to Paul’s house, we ran over to Heather and Bruce’s new house in the Tuscany neighborhood. The house was gorgeous, very contemporary and tucked away, yet close to the freeway. The interior decor was classy and stylish, the outside had a beautiful patio area.

We arrived at Paul’s house for Stevie’s party around 10:30 and most of the crew was out. It was great to see everyone and chat with Paul about his new Cervelo bike. It was nice to have a ‘costume’ party so close to Halloween, so everyone was in the mood to dress up ‘twenties’ style. Angela was able to put together a great ‘flapper’ girl costume, while I dug through my closets and put together a mobster outfit with some pin stripes and white tie. We stayed at Paul’s house until about midnight then Luis, Stevie, Alexa and Damian came over to our house for some drinks and bonding time.

On Sunday, Angela and I just took it easy and lazy: TV pretty much all day long. Today Angie took the day off and I worked leisurely until about 5 and then we enjoyed some happy hour sushi at Mt Fuji.

Settling into Fall

The last two weeks have been nice, no big plans, just some time to enjoy life! Last week I had a great time riding my bike up over Guardsmans and then dropping into Midway, enjoying a burger as I tried to stop freezing, then continuing down Provo Canyon followed by rides over the Alpine Loop and Suncrest. That evening Angie and I went down town and stopped in at Jen Willardsons new Power Yoga Studio, then over to Zest to hear some tunes by Mike Sandoval and have a drink. I was pretty spent so we came home early and I crashed out.

Sunday Angie got us into a sushi making class at Mount Fuji, which is just up the street from our house. It was fun learning how they make it and we got some great tips, I hope that we can put some of that knowldedge into action. We had a great instructor, very entertaining and made up some hand rolls, california rolls and some ngiri. It turned out to be really fun, but the best part was the rice, they had an excellent recipe. Here is the recipe to the sushi rice & spicy tuna so that I don’t forget:

Sushi Rice:

  • Rice (short grain) 10 Cups
  • Water – 11 cups

Sushi Vinegar:

  • Vinegar: 10 cups
  • Sugar: 6 cups
  • Salt: 1 cup
  • Lemon 1/4 Slice

Mix Sushi Rice and Sushi Vinegar in wooden container, fan while mixing til desired consistency.

Spicy Tuna:

  • 1lb Tuna
  • 1 Root Green Onion
  • 2 oz Fish Eggs
  • 2 oz Siracha

Fall Riding Continues…

During the week I had fun chasing Strava KOM’s, seems like the fun thing to do in the off season when there isn’t any racing going on. I really do enjoy riding by myself anyway, so its fun for me to go out and do some sprints on the way. I know it doesn’t mean anything in real terms, but its a lot like a game, perhaps “King of the Mountain”? I hit up a few good segments last week and racked up 4 KOMs and then on Saturday I had an incredible ride up to the top of Guardsman’s Pass to move into 8th place out of 200 rides.


I had been wanting to tackle that one and get into a good grove up the main part of the canyon and everything seemed to come together on the ride, hitting the turnoff at about 1:06 and completing the ride in just under 1:27. I’ve put on my clip on bars to help me train the same muscles I use for TT, which I hope will help me through the winter and start off with a strong TT in the spring. There were a few sections where I was able to get into a tucked position, but I really don’t know if my power was being sacrificed going uphill. In any case, it was a great ride and I just love how long the climb is. Towards the top there were some icy sections, and coming down was pretty cold, especially haveing to change a flat tire (my second of the day).

Angie’s Utah Marathon Bike Tour

Angela braved the cold weather and got up at 5am to do the Utah Marathon Bike Tour which featured 1400 ft of climbing. She got up and took Trax downtown, and then the ride weaved through the lower part of the valley and then winded up near my parents house and then up over to Millcreek, where it turned north on Wasatch blvd and then crossed over Parleys way, wound up through Bonneville golf course then over the University, up along 11th Avenue then down through the City Creek area and finished on 2nd East and 4th South.

The night before was raining and cold, we thought it would be horrible weather in the morning, and I was so proud of Angie to take this on. The rain was going through the night and I had a hard time sleeping, thinking that she would be cold. By morning the rain was gone and the roads were still wet, but the important thing was that it stopped raining. Angie was up at the front during the first part of the ride, but while adjusting her headlamp she dropped it right in the middle of the pack, then had to wait for everyone to go by before she could pick it up and continue. This set her back pretty bad but she was able to catch up. Later in the ride she dropped her chain on the hill going over Parleys Canyon which also cost her a little bit of time, but she did gread despite both problems.


On the Menu…Mt Fuji and India House restaurants

On Friday night Angie and I went to dinner with Andrew Chiodo, that was great to catch up with him and celebrate his birthday. We ended up going to Mt Fuji again, since it was right around the corner from his house and really good food, not to mention great prices. On Saturday night, we tried out the “India House” restaurant on State Street, the place was clean, the service was great and the food was delicious. I hope to frequent both of these restaurants.



Rebuilding the Shed Doors

My shed doors are falling off and I am taking it upon myself to fix them! The doors have been subjected to years of abuse and the elements and are warped and falling apart. I used some gift certificates to Home Depot and picked up some wood and materials to rebuild them. I got most of it done over the weekend and today will be finishing them up. After that I’ll get the whole thing painted. I am excited to finish this project and it will motivate me to become more of a ‘handyman’ and possibly tackle other projects including my porch and a deck for the gazebo next year.

If your a cycling nerd, you hit the jackpot if your in Road Bike Action along side the Gilly and Jens Voigt.

Epic Fall Rides: Guardsman’s, Empire Pass and Alpine Loop

Tree lined roads up the Empire Pass


This has been a great season for some fall rides and taking in all of the beauty of Utah. The race season for me has been over for about a month now, and I have just been spending my time enjoying the beautiful colors up in the mountains. Over the last month, I have ventured up to Guardsmans pass quite a few times via Big Cottonwood canyon. I also was able to ride the Empire Pass climb a few weeks ago, which has become famous around here locally due to the Tour of Utah’s 2012 final stage where Levi Leipheimer destroyed the field and won the stage.

Levi Leipheimer on the attack in the final stage of the Tour of Utah.


The Empire pass is a six mile climb from Midway up to the Junction from Guardsmans pass down into Deer Valley. If you are coming over from the Big Cottonwood side of Guardsman’s, you can drop into either Deer Valley or Midway, creating quite a few fun options for rides. Twice this fall I was able to ride up over Guardsmans’ via Big C, the first time I dropped into Deer Valley, then rode home via Emigration Canyon. Yesterday I tried another route and went through Midway then down Provo Canyon and up over Alpine Loop and Suncrest.

Moose up in the Aspen groves of Empire Pass towards the top.


Angela and I were able to watch the final stage of the Tour of Utah this year, we walked down from the Junction to what we thought was the steepest part of the climb. The steepest part was actually about .5 miles further down, where the pitches exceeded 20 percent. We were able to watch Levi soon after he initiated his break on Rory Sutherland and got to run along side Jens Voigt and all the great riders up close with no one else around. It was an amazing time and such a great way to view the stage, completely different than the conjested Tanners Flat on the Queen stage of the Tour of Utah.

I had been excited to ride the Empire Pass for a while and finally got the opportunity to do this a few weeks ago. Thankfully I swapped out my rear wheel for Angelas, which has a 32 tooth sprocket (the same that Levi and Alberto Contador have recently used on the super steep stages). I wasn’t sure if it would work with my Dura Ace 7900 but it ended up working fine. I drove over Guardsmans and dropped into Midway so that I could ride up and then coast back down, my thinking was I would rather have my car at the bottom than the top in case I had some kind of mechanical, it would be easier to coast down then walk up to the top.

Empire pass was all that it was cracked up to be and more. The climb seems to have some rollers in the beginning but immediately ramps up to 13-15% grades on the earlier parts, then has about 4-5 sustained sections that have 20% grades. About 3 miles into the climb it relents slightly, still steep but not quite as bad as some of the earlier sections. The 32 tooth sprocket was perfect, I am a decent climber but I really couldn’t have imagined doing it in a 28 (or my usual 25 for that matter). I can’t imagine getting stuck on that thing with smaller gears and having to try to walk up it in cleated shoes.


The ride is also very beautiful, lined on both sides of the road with beautiful trees all the way up the climb. When you get closer to the top you find yourself in a huge aspen grove with some cabins. I also saw a family of Moose wandering around. About 6 miles and 3000 ft after the base you’ll come up on the Guardsman Junction where you can continue up to the past or make a right hand turn and head into Deer Valley. Coming down the Empire pass is nearly as tricky and uncomfortable as going up, you are riding the brakes most of the way down and the road is pretty bumpy. It’s not something that could be raced down.

Sandy to Guardsmans, Park City and Emigration Canyon

The top of Guardsmans pass, the gravel is now packed enough to ride over easily on a road bike.


On Saturday September 22 I rode my bike up over Guardsmans and took the Deer Valley route, it was a twisty and beautiful road. This was the route of the last portion of the final stage of the Tour of Utah which Levi won. It was a warm day and I was able to go over the top without getting too cold, and by the time I came into Park City the weather was great, probably in the 80s. I took the frontage road and then at Jeremy Ranch i had to get onto the freeway to get down to Mt Dell golf course, where I could climb over the back side of Emigration Canyon and then down into the valley and home. The entire ride took me about 4 and 3/4 hours for 75 miles.


Guardsmans to Midway via Empire Pass, then Alpine Loop and Suncrest

This was probably the biggest ride that I have done on my own outside of a race, and definitely the one with the most climbing that I have done ever with over 10,000 feet of climbing. I must admit I really thought it would be the equivalent of the Guardsman/Emi loop in both mileage and cimbing, but this ended up being about 20 miles longer. I knew it was going to be a cold one, figuring here in the valley the temps would be about 42 degrees when I left and probably in the high 20′s or low 30′s at the top of Guardmans (9600ft). Originally I planned to wear a jacket, leg warmers and a headband, but ended up ditching pretty much all of that save for some arm warmers, under shirt and cold weather gloves.

I felt pretty good going up the climb, keeping warm just because of the effort I was putting out. My arms felt a bit chilly at times but I was certain I could drop down into Midway and warm up. On the climb up Big Cottonwood, i tried to pace myself but also felt like I had a good rhythmn. I put on one of my Mixes which helped get me into my groove and I reached the top in just over 1 hr 34 minutes which was my best time and moved me up a bit on the Strava leaderboard for Big C and Guardsmans. At the top I didn’t bother to stop other than to take out my headphones, not wanting to get cold.

Coming down felt pretty good, a little cold but the problem about riding down Empire Pass in the cold is you can’t pedal so your core temp is dropping as you try to navigate the steep turns and rough road, and your jersey and bib are cold and wet. By the time I reached the bottom, I was shivering cold and couldn’t tell how warm it was in Midway. I still had a bunch of descending to do and coudln’t warm up so I found a place to grab lunch, figuring it would be good to get some food in me as well as warm up. I wen’t to a little burger joint called “Timp Freeze” and ordered a good old fashioned burger and fries, which tasted great despite my shivering. I had some fun conversations with some of the people in the restaurant, one of which was a nice middle aged lady particularly concerned about how cold I was with her motherly instinct. Eventually I was able to warm up, at least to the point where my teeth weren’t chattering. I got on my bike and pedaled fast so that I could warm up.

Most of the ride from here on out was enjoyable and warmer, I tried to keep my pace high and had fun counting off the feet climbed. I rode past Deer Creek and ran into a pretty bad headwind coming down Provo Canyon. When I got into AF canyon I put my headphones back on and started the climb. I felt pretty good, at least thats how I ‘felt’, but my Strava time put me pretty far back. It took me an hour to get from the base to the top and when I dropped down the other side it was very cold so I just tried to keep pedaling in every spot that I could. When I came out of the Canyon I only had one short climb left, but the headwind took its toll on me and I started to crash. I stopped halfway up and ate a gel shot and Honey Stinger waffle, which helped me get to the other side and then I felt really good finishing up the ride.


It was a great time and I am glad I had the opportunity to do this ride. It feels good to have the fitness to pull off a ride of that much climbing, and feeling good both during the ride and after.


Another visit to Capitol Reef

 For the second time this year, we visited Capitol Reef national park and the Torrey area. The first time was earlier in the summer when we stayed in Teasdale, but Angela scored us some vacation weekends during a charity for the United Way, scoring us a fun two nights at the Rim Rock inn. Can’t complain about that!

We took a half day of work on Friday so that we could take off early and hopefully get down there before the sun sets. I had a few late orders come in on Friday so we weren’t able to get on the road until about 3:30. Unfortunately we got caught up in some early traffic which slowed us down a bit but were still able to get down to Torrey in a reasonable time, showing up right as the sun set about 7pm. We checked into the hotel and made reservations for the following evening at the Rim Rock restaurant, then headed over to a place called the Saddlery Bar and Grill, which is kind of like a redneck hangout, but pretty fun. The place was nice on the inside and brand new, but the outside looked like a big brick building with not much that was pleasing to the eye. Anyway, we had a great time, the music wasn’t quite what we love but its good to mix it up a little right?

That night I had a hard time sleeping, seemed like the walls were really thin and I could hear banging around from neighboring rooms. I wasn’t able to sleep more than a few hours, but we got up and I grabbed something to eat from the front lobby and then Angie and I set out to hike up the Rim Rock overlook that is about a 2.2 mile hike from the parking lot with the petroglyphs up and over the cliffs that rise above the Fruita oaisis. The hike was moderately strenuous, I would highly recommend a lot of water and to be careful going out on a hot day. The heat doesn’t bother me much but I know it would be hard for some people, especially in the middle of summer. Capitol Reef is a bit higher in elevation so its a bit cooler than most desert locations, but still one should take care.

It took us about an hour and a half to reach the top of the overlook, and it was definitely worth the hike. The views were amazing, and you could see forever. We took some time to enjoy the scenery and take everything in, even pausing to do some “Clifftop Yoga”. We got some great photos of the overlook as well as all of the mountains in the distance including Boulder Mountain and the Henry Mountains in the distance. We then hiked back down, completing the hike in about 4 hours and were extremely hungry so we went and got burgers at Slackers Burger Joint, which was ranked as one of the top burger places in the state, understandably so! After that we went and cleaned up and rested for a little bit, then went out briefly to take some photos of Chimney rock.

With only a half hour left til our dinner reservation at the Rim Rock restaurant, we took a quick drive down the scenic road in Capitol Reef with the sunlight escaping us. At dinner Angie enjoyed a steak and I had a good old fashioned Spaghetti and Meatballs. Dinner was excellent and the host John was very nice, looking forward to a return visit. Sleeping the following night was rather easy as we were so tired from running around all day. In the morning we grabbed a bite to eat at a local breakfast place then headed home, getting in around 2pm leaving us plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the day.



Visiting Alexa in San Francisco

A kiss on the beach with my love!

When I last left off, I had just finished up racing for the season and also finished djing with the amazing closing night at W Lounge. The following week Angie and I went to San Francisco for Labor day weekend to see our dear friend Alexa. We took Friday off and flew in at a reasonable time to land there about noon, and then Alexa picked us up at the airport and drove us over to our hotel. After we dropped off our stuff and checked in, Angie and I walked a few blocks to grab something to eat at a local restaurant, then took a little nap and hung out. Later we went for a walk around some of the San Francisco neighborhoods as we waited to meet up with Alexa and Damian for dinner.

A re-do of Angelas cute photo from a few years back:)

We walked around some of the higher streets in San Francisco, trying to find the exact same spot where we took a photo of Angie and the Oakland bay bridge in the back ground. It was a bit chilly in the wind but fun, and we did eventually find the correct spot and take a few photos. After that we wound our way down a few blocks and ended up meeting with Damian and Alexa at a great Thai place and the prices were reasonable. After dinner, Alexa just drove us back to our hotel so we could get some sleep and an early start the next morning.

A brief walk through the Muir Woods en route to wine country.

We woke up early for our wine tour trip, which took us to the Miur woods and then on to three different vineyards. The morning was a little chilly but fun walking around in the woods, taking photos. The first vineyard we went to was pretty laid back, not much going on there, just a few tastings of sparkling wine, then off to lunch at the Sunflower Cafe in Sonoma where we enjoyed a delicious lunch. I had a great lamb meatloaf and Angie had some type of a meat sandwich, very fresh and tasty. I am so glad that I am enjoying natural foods so much more. After lunch we went over to the Madonna vineyards, and being kind of late in the day we were feeling like we didn’t really get a good amount to drink, so Damian purchased a bottle of wine and we drank it en-route to Cline vineyards.

Starting our wine tour…its going to be a long day:)

Once we got to Cline vineyards, it seemed to be free flowing wine. We ended up getting pretty drunk and by the time we were on the bus home it seemed like it was a full on party. We were being pretty obnoxious and there weren’t really any fun people on the bus. Usually people get a bit more loosened up and more laid back as the day goes on. This really wasn’t the case here, but we made a party of it anyway. By the time we got back to the hotel, we were pretty lit and had bad headaches from the wine. We ordered some Pizza from an Indian food place called “Zantes” that made a Tiki Masala pizza. We were pretty wiped out by the time we were done with this and then just ended up crashing out.

Honey Badger Turtle Dont Give a Fuck!

Angie and Alexa at Cline vineyards

The next morning I got up and did an abbreviated workout since we were supposed to meet up for breakfast, although I could have trained a lot longer. It took a while for Damian and Alexa to meet up with us but around noon we went to a place called “Toast” for breakfast/brunch. They had some great food and fueled us up to walk around the bay and over by Ghiradelli square. We walked out onto the bay’s walkway, then over to a nearby park and met up with some of Alexas friends. It was a breezy and somewhat cool day in the park, after hanging out there for a half hour we went back over to Ghiardelli Square so Angela could get her trip ornament and I could get me a chocolate sundae! The line at Ghiardelli’s was absolutely mind blowing, unknowingly a 30 minute wait to get an order. I felt guilty after ordering as I was beginning my sugar diet. I ordered a ‘peanut butter & chocolate’ sundae which must have had a million calories, hardly worth the half hour wait and guilt.

A nice breezy day in the park!

We then went back to the hotel and chilled out for a while, Alexa and Damian went back to their place to freshen up. Later in the evening we went out again, meeting at a cuban place called “Cha Cha Cha” in the Mission district. We had to walk and take the Bart, going through some pretty shady neighborhoods but once we got there it was great. The food was served Tapas style, so we ordered quite a few different appetizer dishes and sangria to drink. We pretty much closed the place down and afterwards Angie, Alexa and Damian still wanted to go out for longer but I was pretty bushed and went back to the hotel room to sleep while they went out for a bit longer.

Walking around the bay in San Francisco with Alexa and Damian.


The next morning I got up and cranked out a fast workout before eating, Angie was still asleep so I went across the street to a ‘diner’ style place and ate a good old homecooked meal. The place was pretty funny, like from an old movie or something, complete with a cranky waitress. After I ate, Angie finally got up, we got packed up and checked out. Then we got picked up by Alexa and stored our luggage in her small car while we walked around, had lunch and then went shopping and found Angies wedding dress. After lunch and shopping we had just enough time to drive over to Alexas place in the Haight Ashbury district where we wer able to walk around, grab a coffee and breifly take in the scenery. After a quick walk through the neighborhoods we were off again, heading towards the airport and a trip home.

Its about time!

It is about time that Angie and I start documenting our adventures together, and this is the purpose of our new blog! I have finally found my soulmate in life, and together we will explore this magical world together, taking in all that we can and experiencing all that life has to offer. We are so thankful to have so many amazing friends that help to create such magical moments in our lives, we hope this blog will allow us to share our experiences, many of which include so many of our friends!