Graduation Day from Core training

Wow, I cannot believe how fast my 2 months of training at CHG went. Today after 8 weeks, I graduated from CORE and joined the rest of my team in General Surgery. I have to say I have had an amazing first two months there, so many great days that makes me so happy and excited to be there. This week CHG cracked the top Fortune Magazine’s top 100 places to work for the 5th year in a row and I am so excited.

This week went well, I had a great time making phone calls, being excited to go to work, building presents and prospecting to find new doctors to work with. Another exciting part of this week is I got 3 confirmations, something that apparently is very rare. One of the jobs had falloff within a day because of some strange issue with transferring a DEA, but I had another job that ended up to be a perfect fit. It is so strange how a job can come up and get filled so fast. I was actually calling on a particular job, not even thinking about one of the doctors I was working with. I tried presenting him to a separate Illinois job, which fell through, then another urgent job came up, one that I had already worked on, and we were able to put a deal together at the last moment.

This made for an amazing graduation week for me. Coming into CORE, we were told that we needed to get at least 1 present during that time. I was able to get one within the first week, and within 2 weeks I had racked up a five day streak. During the first couple of weeks, there was another guy that was close to graduation, I heard him on the phone and he sounded great. I saw him book some days right before he left CORE and this really motivated me to do the same. As the weeks went by, I got present after present, they started to come so easy to me. I think I left core with about 30+ presents and felt great about that. But the best feeling was not just booking days for the first time, but doing it again before I left.

I have immense pride in doing a good job, and work so hard to do what I need to do to be the best that I can be. To me it is more motivating to be recognized for going above and beyond then financially. I also take pride in being a team player and keeping it real. Today we had a test in the morning then went upstairs for a mini graduation ceremony, and after that we went over to our teams. It was a fun time, we each were honored for a specific strength that we had, and mine was “MVP” which felt great to me!

The first hour on my team felt so weird, but once I got all of my stuff set up, I started getting some calls in and talking with some doctors. I started getting some momentum and found a couple really good leads, as well as got a few deals lined up and ready to go. Towards the end of the day, the team took some time out and gave me a card and had me do my ‘dance’ to get on the team, this is a tradition when you book your first days. It was great and I feel really at home with my team. A lot of people said that it was a hard transition going from CORE onto the team, and I anticipated it might be like that for me, but so far it felt really good, I had a lot of nice people come up and talk with me today. The last part of the day was the best because I was able to have some great conversation with some of the management, they came and congratulated me on my successes so far, and I was even asked to speak next week at the “Making a difference meeting” to tell my story.

Tonight I have been working on different ideas to put myself as far ahead as possible and really keep the momentum going. I realize a lot of this could be beginners luck, but at the same time I have had some good consistency. I am building a database of Grade “A” doctors to work with, and thinking of ways that I can use LinkdIn and other tools to build my business.


Booking my first days at CHG

January 10th was the end of my 7th week at CHG and my second to the last week of “Core” training. I feel like I have been getting a lot of traction during training and able to get a lot of surgeons on the phone over the last 6 weeks. This week I really hit it hard in the “Trauma” realm, working a couple of jobs that were fairly hard to fill. This week I was able to find 3 great trauma docs that have very low malpractice and excellent training and experience, double board certified in critical care.

Earlier in the week I was making some calls and came across one doctor who referred me to another amazing doctor, it really feels great to make some good connections. I also found 2 surgeons that are working in the military and have some built up leave time and are ready to do some locums work to make some extra money. I was able to get an excellent present in on Thursday before the end of the day for a 1 week job in February (and 1 week in March). This was a very high paying job, $16K for the week. On Friday right before my last meeting of the day, I checked with the client rep and he confirmed that we had days up on the board.

I was very excited, I wanted so badly to get some days up while still in core, this really meant a lot to me. Our training group has done so well, we all got great presents and half of our group booked days. From what I have heard, it is really difficult to book days while in core, so I think we did a great job all around. I have been a bit slower on my calls, but I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of doctors so I don’t mind at all. One of the girls in our group had landed over 300 phone calls last week, which was extremely high. As for me, I was a lot slower but put in 7 presents for the week, and probably close to 20 for the time I have been in Core.

The new group of trainees came in on Friday as well, there were about 24 of them, which is about 4 times as large as our group. It was fun to see them all, shows that our company is growing quite fast. It was cool to have a couple of the new trainees plug in with me on some phone calls, in the last several weeks we have become so comfortable with being on the phone and now it feels so natural. On Monday I have my “Oral” boards and will be going into my last week of training, also have to do the ‘dance’ during out white board meeting to celebrate my first days being booked. I plan on working so hard over the next few months and doing whatever I need to for me to get my business up to the higher end of the sales team.

This weekend was nice and chill, Angie and I went out to Zest last night but didn’t drink, so we were able to have a really productive weekend. I have been eating very healthy and taking a ton of vitamins. I feel great!

Happy New Years 2014

I am happy to turn the page on 2013, it was a pretty rough year for me both financially and struggling with my race fitness. All things considered there are many great things going on so it is hard for me to complain. I guess the best way to describe it is “2013 kicked my ass” but I am thankful for that, and will use that to make my 2014 much much better. I have a hard time complaining when there are so many others that are less fortunate than me, but I will say it was very frustrating and stressful, and not something I enjoyed, but will make me a better and stronger person in 2014.

The best parts of the year was my wedding to the most amazing woman in the world, as well as getting a job at CHG, which has caused me to grow in so many ways, and my early season racing where I was able to be on the podium 4 times. The hardest parts were going through the stress of watching my business slide down hill no matter how hard I worked at it, the time and energy I spent working on ACN only to see it fall apart and lastly watching my fitness on the bike decline after putting so much into it over last winter. But these will be the catalyst for a much better 2014 and I will work my hardest to make sure that happens.

I have now been at CHG for just over a month, and it has been both great and hard for me to adjust to. There is no doubt that I am very thankful for this opportunity and I plan on working my hardest over the next few years to become a top sales person and use all that I have learnt over the years to be the best I can possibly be. In a way this is a really great thing, I give up some of my old freedoms but gain a lot more in the way of opportunity. I still have the chance for ‘building my business’ and being rewarded for my own personal effort. I need to remember to always be working my hardest, I have done that so many times in the past and now I need to work harder than ever and use everything to my advantage.

The holidays were great, and a perfect time to start my new job at CHG. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, it allowed for some holidays to break things up, get into the swing of things and give me the time to decompress and soak in the new gig. As usual, January is the time where I work the hardest, so now I plan to take my fitness, diet and work to a new level. Tomorrow is the first day back so I plan to make more phone calls, do more, work harder, be more coachable and do my best.

Angie and I certainly enjoyed our holidays. For Thanksgiving, I got up very early and went on a big ride, about 80 miles, before I came home at 1pm and took a shower and then went over to my aunt and uncles house for dinner and met my parents and grandmother there. We had a delicious dinner but my dad hasn’t been doing so well, he has been so stressed out and having a hard time sleeping. I can relate to that in a big way, I have had much of the same for myself. After that we went over to Angie’s aunt and uncles house for some gluten free goodies for Ang to eat. After that we just came home and enjoyed a movie.

During the holidays we had three parties over here, we had our annual “Parsons” party with a bunch of our friends, then we had a little get together with Angies family on Christmas eve, then we had a little private get together with some close friends on Friday the 27th. Our friend party was a blast, Alexa and Damian came out as with most of our close friends, that went pretty late into the night. On Christmas eve, Angie and I did mostly family things, I worked for half of the day then came home and we had a late lunch, then went over to her fathers house and then came home and watched some movies. The next morning I got up and worked out and then Angie and I exchanged presents, then just relaxed and then went over to my parents house and hung out with them. We were planning on going to a movie but instead came home and just enjoyed being together here at home. Last night was New Years Eve and we just stayed in and had Cafe Rio and watched a few movies and went to bed. What a perfect way to end the year, with my love Angie!