Goodbye to our old home and into our dream home

It is amazing what we made happen so quickly this year with selling our old home and buying our new one. For the most part, everything worked out pretty seamlessly. In the earlier part of the year, Angie and I started thinking about buying a home but had no idea that it would work out the way it did. In March, Angie took me to a model home out in Herriman that we both loved, called the “Malarie” model. It was beautiful and spacious, and the price was right, but we just didn’t want to drive all the way out to Herriman on a daily basis.

In May we consulted with a friend on selling our home and got an idea of what we needed to do to prep our home for sale and began working on it. The beginning of the summer was spent really working on touching things up, painting and making the place look a lot better. So many of our weekends were spent working on our house. We were also eyeing some HardRock homes in the area, and there was one that really caught my eye. Over the summer the price started dropping and it really motivated us to get our house sold. We were also pricing new homes, meanwhile Hardrock had just finished up selling off their last home in a West Jordan development and opening a new one that was just a mile away.

When we started looking into prices, we realized that the home we wanted would be more than we were comfortable spending. We found one newly build home that was built by someone and the sale fell through. It turned out that it was the nearly the same home as the model we looked at in Herriman, it had all the same colors and finishes and nearly the same model. Angie and I got talked into putting a deposit on a new home, but right after I did that I realized I was really uncomfortable with that, instead we shifted our focus to the one that was already built. I figured the first couple had put a substantial deposit on the home and that Hardrock already had some equity in it, so I made an offer for $500k with a condition that we could sell our old home first. The builder accepted the offer, we just had to sell it in 3 months.

We were able to get our home finished up and on the market in not much more than 2 weeks, and our house was under contract for more than asking price within 48 hours. When we initially talked with our realtor, he said we could get around $265k, but up to $285k if we put some work into it. By the time it was all said and done, we were able to sell for $291k with no concessions, I was extremely happy about this considering Zillow was saying our home was worth $241k.

The move happened on the weekend of October 23. We almost made a big mistake, assuming that we could take ownership right after we closed on the deal. The day before we found out it typically takes 24 hours for the deal to fund, but with movers scheduled to come on Saturday the 24th and the new buyers moving in the following Monday, we had to make something happen. We ended up signing all of our documents on the 22nd, and by a miracle our house funded about 3:45 on Friday and our dream home was ours. I am so glad we hired movers, it made it much more easy.

This past month has been a lot of unwinding and settling into our new home, and finally I feel like we are just about there. I’ve had so many projects to work on this past summer and fall, but now it is finally nice to be able to relax and soak all of this in. The new home is beautiful