Guys Night Out

Angie, Lexa and Stevie went to a party in Park City so Liam and I went out to Sushi, then went to our old neighborhood to see our old neighbors and I got to meet the people who bought our house, such a nice family!

4rth of July Weekend 

Well it was a nice 3 day holiday weekend and we got a lot done. I had a bad week at work so it was nice to shake that off and do some fun stuff with the family. I finally got my new Fuji SL 1.1 put together just in time for the weekend. 

On Friday night we went to the West Jordan rodeo and hung out with Stevie and Luis as well as some of our neighbors. Saturday is spent the morning getting my bike dialed in. I set up the tent and we camped outside. Sunday we let Liam have a visit with Zach and then I went on a bike ride out in the heat, then to a BBQ at Angie’s aunts house.

Yesterday I did a short bike ride then went to Cowabunga Bay with Stevie and Luis. Watched fireworks for a bit but Liam was too tired.