Bonding time with Liam

This week there was a very touching photo making the rounds on the Internet of a boy who was pulled from the rubble of an air strike in Syria and it really hurt to think about. What it did do is give me more perspective on the things I can give to Liam and bonding with him. After school on Thursday I picked him up and took him on a date. Yesterday I took him to see a butterfly launch in the park. 

Birthday in Park City

I had a fun Birthday weekend in Park City. I rode my bike on Saturday over Suncrest, then American Fork Canyon, then into Midway and up over Empire Pass where I was able to watch the Tour of Utah come through, then I dropped down into Park City and met up with Angie and Liam. We chilled out for a bit then went out to dinner and hung out in the hotel and watched a movie. On Sunday morning before breakfast, I rode my bike up Guardsman and hit a nasty storm with hail, lightning and thunder, was extremely scary and dangerous coming down. Later in the afternoon we watched the finish of the Tour of Utah in Park City on Main Street then relaxed and went hot tubbing, then had dinner. In the morning I spent some time with Liam in the hot tub and swimming, then we went to lunch at Blue Lemon.