Seneca’s first birthday

My how time flies, Seneca is now one year old and Angie put together an amazing birthday party for her this past weekend. The theme of the party was “Twinkle Twinkle little Star” and we had a great turnout of friends and family. Angie made a wonderful gluten free cake and a delicious chicken tortilla soup for our guests and Seneca got some great toys to play with. I was able to finish up the playhouse for the most part, at least enough for the kids to go play on. What a great first birthday!

Growth Spurts

This year has definitely been a humbling one for me at work. The last three years have been simply amazing and I was easily one of the top reps on the team and always consistent on my numbers. About March I started to struggle with keeping them up and dipped into the yellow on my target, then by summer I was in the red and have been there ever since.

It has been a frustrated experience to say the least but one that I feel will create a lot of personal growth. It has been very humbling to go through this and very hard to understand why I haven’t been able to produce the numbers that I have in the past. I’ve seen other reps go through this and hoped it wouldn’t happen to me. This year I’ve changed so many things and tried to think about it in so many different perspectives. Mark Robbins took over as my direct leader which has been amazing and he has helped me grow so much and it may just be more simple than I imagined, it may have just been that I haven’t been working as hard as I should have been.

One of the most humbling parts of this journey is admitting that I might be wrong, and that has to do with making phone calls. I’ve always pushed back and felt like they don’t make a big difference but I finally got to the point where I hate where my business is at so bad that I’m willing to do anything to get it back. Since I’ve started upping my calls and actually believing in the process I’ve seen a lot of progress. I also realized that I used to make more calls back a few years ago and perhaps I’ve just been surviving on residual business this entire time. I promised myself to commit to 150 calls for 4 weeks and see what that brings and I’m just about at the end of that.

Another thing that has been in my head is looking at other jobs, yes, I’ve been that frustrated. At the end of the day i realized I really don’t want to go to any other company unless I absolutely have to. I will do everything in my power to stay where I am at, I will learn to work harder and smarter. One day I’ll look back on this post and realize why I went through this and what it has taught me. I’ll be the best employee that I can be and come through for my company.

November 6 Update:

Things have been a lot better the last 2 weeks, I had some solid weeks 4 of the last 5 weeks which has me a lot more motivated and hopefully seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have definitely grown so much over the course of the last several months and will use all that I have learnt to keep me going

October happenings

This past two months me weekend has been spent building a playhouse for Liam and Seneca. It has been a great experience and has allowed me to start collecting tools and learn about building. I’ve also added Trex decking to my porches. I’ve also started doing Jiu jitsu again with Eddie Edmunds at Fusion Academy. I had fun on Saturday and got to roll with another blue belt, I did well and tapped him out several times but injured my ribs and have been in a lot of pain.

Disneyland 2017

This is the third year that we have taken Liam to Disneyland and the first year that we took Seneca. Last year during our Disneyland trip we found out that we were having a girl. This year we decided to go a little later in the year so that we could hopefully avoid the busy lines, but with it being the first week decorating for Halloween, there were long lines and plenty of crowds. Our vacation was shorter this year, no additional days to explore, just spending most of our time visiting the 2 parks. Liam was a little bit of a handful, probably because he was so excited. We had a great time eating at the Blue Bayou, which is the restaurant that you can see when you are riding on the Pirates of the Carribean, I’ve always wanted to eat there. It was fun for Angie to ride on some of the roller coasters since it had been such a long time since she had been on any of them (due to being pregnant or trying to get pregnant). The decorations were great, Cars Land had some awesome Halloween lights and decorations and Space Mountain had ghosts. The Haunted Mansion was completely re-done as a Nightmare Before Christmas theme. I had an absolute blast hanging out with my baby Seneca.

Oh dear Seneca

Oh dear Seneca, this past year has been simply amazing. You have made my life so enriched and I am so very thankful that I get to be your daddy. You will be a year old in just a few weeks from now. You have such an awesome personality and have fun making us laugh. Your baby crawl by scooting your butt is ingenious and allows you to carry something in your hand while other babies have to use both hands. You love music and you love to dance. I look forward to getting off work every night so I can see you and play with you. Love, daddy.