February Daddy Daughter Princess Ball

West Jordan puts on a fun event called the Daddy Daughter Princess Ball in February around Valentines Day. I remember last year I wanted to take Seneca so bad but we were both so sick. This year I got sick again on Feb 1 and battled hard to feel better, but I knew I needed to get better in time to take my little girl to this dance, and my wish came true. I left work early on Friday and got a suit and tie on while Angie made Seneca look so pretty. I took her to the Ball and they had some wonderful dancers that sang and were dressed up like Disney Princesses, it was so fun for Seneca. It took her a while to really get what was going on, but by the time I took her to dinner she was being so fun and so silly and absolutely loved it. I am so thankful to have this time with my beautiful daughter and love her so much. I promise to spend so much time with her and love getting into the things that she is into.

Work has been great, the new Comp plan has been rolled out and it is more than I could have expected and imagined, I’ll stay true to my frugality and allow this to help me build assets and financial freedom. I decided to bring Jaron with me on my epic trip to Ecuador.

Yesterday we went to the South Jordan Aquatics Center, what a great pool and a great price, Angie is going to get her and the kids a membership there.

Seneca is talking up a storm, I love it when she says “Gubps” (Gloves), she also says things are Huge. Other fun words are Downstairs and I love you.