Booking my first days at CHG

January 10th was the end of my 7th week at CHG and my second to the last week of “Core” training. I feel like I have been getting a lot of traction during training and able to get a lot of surgeons on the phone over the last 6 weeks. This week I really hit it hard in the “Trauma” realm, working a couple of jobs that were fairly hard to fill. This week I was able to find 3 great trauma docs that have very low malpractice and excellent training and experience, double board certified in critical care.

Earlier in the week I was making some calls and came across one doctor who referred me to another amazing doctor, it really feels great to make some good connections. I also found 2 surgeons that are working in the military and have some built up leave time and are ready to do some locums work to make some extra money. I was able to get an excellent present in on Thursday before the end of the day for a 1 week job in February (and 1 week in March). This was a very high paying job, $16K for the week. On Friday right before my last meeting of the day, I checked with the client rep and he confirmed that we had days up on the board.

I was very excited, I wanted so badly to get some days up while still in core, this really meant a lot to me. Our training group has done so well, we all got great presents and half of our group booked days. From what I have heard, it is really difficult to book days while in core, so I think we did a great job all around. I have been a bit slower on my calls, but I have had the opportunity to talk to a lot of doctors so I don’t mind at all. One of the girls in our group had landed over 300 phone calls last week, which was extremely high. As for me, I was a lot slower but put in 7 presents for the week, and probably close to 20 for the time I have been in Core.

The new group of trainees came in on Friday as well, there were about 24 of them, which is about 4 times as large as our group. It was fun to see them all, shows that our company is growing quite fast. It was cool to have a couple of the new trainees plug in with me on some phone calls, in the last several weeks we have become so comfortable with being on the phone and now it feels so natural. On Monday I have my “Oral” boards and will be going into my last week of training, also have to do the ‘dance’ during out white board meeting to celebrate my first days being booked. I plan on working so hard over the next few months and doing whatever I need to for me to get my business up to the higher end of the sales team.

This weekend was nice and chill, Angie and I went out to Zest last night but didn’t drink, so we were able to have a really productive weekend. I have been eating very healthy and taking a ton of vitamins. I feel great!

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