An awesome February with some great wins

This year got off to such a great start with work, coming in strong for 2018, an update on our comp plans as well as an exciting new Presidents Club for next year (Grand Cayman), and of course winning the Difference Makers award that will allow me to go to Ecuador this August. February continued on that and we had a couple of great things happen in the recent weeks.

First off, we were able to clear a pathway to adopt Liam, thankfully his birth father was willing to relinquish his parental rights which will give us the ability to adopt him. I think this was an amazing thing for his father to do and the judge (and of course we) felt it was the right thing to do. Liam is so excited for this and it will give him full stability to be a part of this family and not ever wondering. He has been absolutely amazing lately and behaving so well, and also treating his sister very well. He is a dream child and I am so thankful he became a part of our family.

Next, work has been great and the new comp plans are amazing and they have also lit a fire under me to do well at work and keep pushing hard. Last week was my best week ever at 269 days, previously it was 254 from 2015. I worry that some of those dates will come off, that seems to happen when you book that far out but I’ll just enjoy it and run with it.  The new comp plans will allow me to save more money, which is great because I am certain that we are heading for a recession. This has been a 10 year bull market and this year will be spent preparing for that. I plan on putting lots of money aside and having dry powder for the next down turn.

I’ve volunteered twice now at the Sharing Place and tomorrow will be my third time, it’s good to get to know some of the kids and spend time with them. It makes me realize how lucky I am to have time with my children and I will always make the most of it. Angie has gotten a pass to the West Jordan Aquatic Center and gives her a lot of activities to do with the kids.

February Daddy Daughter Princess Ball

West Jordan puts on a fun event called the Daddy Daughter Princess Ball in February around Valentines Day. I remember last year I wanted to take Seneca so bad but we were both so sick. This year I got sick again on Feb 1 and battled hard to feel better, but I knew I needed to get better in time to take my little girl to this dance, and my wish came true. I left work early on Friday and got a suit and tie on while Angie made Seneca look so pretty. I took her to the Ball and they had some wonderful dancers that sang and were dressed up like Disney Princesses, it was so fun for Seneca. It took her a while to really get what was going on, but by the time I took her to dinner she was being so fun and so silly and absolutely loved it. I am so thankful to have this time with my beautiful daughter and love her so much. I promise to spend so much time with her and love getting into the things that she is into.

Work has been great, the new Comp plan has been rolled out and it is more than I could have expected and imagined, I’ll stay true to my frugality and allow this to help me build assets and financial freedom. I decided to bring Jaron with me on my epic trip to Ecuador.

Yesterday we went to the South Jordan Aquatics Center, what a great pool and a great price, Angie is going to get her and the kids a membership there.

Seneca is talking up a storm, I love it when she says “Gubps” (Gloves), she also says things are Huge. Other fun words are Downstairs and I love you.

An Amazing Day at Work

I think about it and talk about it often, but I just love my job. It’s challenging for a lot of people and even the best of us have hard days when we question why we are doing it. I have to say the good days outnumber the bad ones quite a bit, and I just love the challenge and the rewards that come with it. This job has given me and my family so much opportunity so I never forget how thankful I am for that. It is a place that really takes excellent care of their employees and they are always doing things big and small to make us happy.

I love the income, benefits and events, but what I love most is just doing a good job and having a good reputation in the company as someone who delivers, I absolutely love that. Today Mark took me into the Impact meeting and gave me a shout out as his bright spot. It was so great to be in front of the leaders and being recognized as he called out that I had made presidents club 5 out of 5 years I have been there, and 2 years I doubled my p-club goal and won the difference makers award. He also talked about a conversation he was having with another leader about a rep who was making it difficult for her to increase that reps target. Mark asked me what I wanted my target for the year to be and I told him to put it at whatever the team needed. It was so great to get this type of recognition in front of all of the team leaders and motivates me to do everything I can for my company. I’m so thankful for CHG and Comphealth, the people there are amazing and definitely help me to be a better person. This was an amazing day!