Presidents Club in Puerto Vallarta

What an amazing trip this was this year for Presidents Club. Our company certainly upped the bar with this trip, everything was so well thought out. The Hard Rock Hotel all inclusive was simply amazing, the food was superb, the events were fun. We were worried that the all inclusive would be tacky or cheap but this was not the case.

We let Liam stay with Alissa and Matt and brought him over to their house the night before. It was so exciting getting ready and having such a great trip ahead of us. We went to bed but I had such a hard time sleeping because I was so excited. I probably only got 2 hours of sleep that night. We had to get up at 3:30 AM to get ready to go to the airport, lucky thing we did because Angie’s ticket got accidentally cancelled. Luckily we had such a nice rep at the kiosk who helped us get another ticket for her. I sent an email and they were able to get her taken care of for the parties.

We got into Puerto Vallarta about 2pm and they had a nice greeting for us as we got there. All of the executives were at the front welcoming people in, then there was a nice reception in the hotel lobby with food, photos and gifts. This was such an exciting time for us as so many friends arrived. They were even giving us out $300 pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses. We ate a bite of food then finally got checked in, then went down and hung out at the pool for a couple of hours before starting to get ready for the reception.

The reception Rock Star theme party was a blast. They had so many buffet tables out with some great food, and passed out drinks to everyone. The party was amazing with a great rock star band. After the main party, Angie was really tired so she went back to the room while I went out for some adventures with my co-workers. We ended up going to a bar that was in the resort, the band was great and everyone was dancing and drinking the night away. It was great to see some of the team leaders cutting loose.

The next day I was a bit hung over and we just chilled at the pool most of the day. I did a horrible job of putting on sun screen and ended up with an ugly looking burn on my neck and chest. That night we went and did group photos as well as an awards rehearsal, but it was more of a pain than anything. That night was fun because they had some excellent Mexican food buffets out in the courtyard along with some street vendors.

Saturday morning we hung out at the beach and I was able to do some boogie boarding with Mark. The evening was fun to get all dressed up and go to the Awards Ceremony, then Dinner outside then a great ball room dance party, and then an after party at the club. There was a lot to do but Angie and I were exhausted and went to bed at a reasonable time.

Sunday was nice for Angie and she went to the spa for a facial, then we went to breakfast. After breakfast we were able to catch a bus to Puerto Vallarta, but we really didn’t do too much except walk up and down the board walk. It was so hot and humid and we were pretty exhausted from the previous days, that we really didn’t spend too much time in the City, other than to just look around. Later that night we went to dinner with the rest of the team at an Asian Fusion restaurant, then Angie and I walked around outside and enjoyed a 2nd desert.

On the last day, we got everything packed up and then just hung out at the pool for a couple of hours until our bus was ready to pick us up. I had a few drinks and played Pool Pictionary with a friend from work. The flight home took a long time and we almost missed our connecting flight to Utah because we were delayed on the runway for so long. We weren’t able to get home until after midnight, and Liam was so happy to see us and didn’t get the separation anxiety that he had the year before.

It was a great trip but I was happy to be home. I was just so impressed with the quality of food and service at the Hard Rock in Puerto Vallarta.

Featured on CHG Pulse Website

My first few months at CHG has been flying by and so much fun. I feel like I have gotten off to a great start, found so many new friends, built great relationships and fit in well with the culture. I was asked to share my views for a blog entry on the CHG website, here is the article:

After eight years of running his own business, Simon Parsons joined CompHealth locum tenens in Salt Lake City, Utah as a physician recruiter and appreciates the people-centric culture as well as the support and coaching he’s received since starting here.

“There are so many great things about my experience here that has led me to believe it is pretty close to a perfect fit for me and my personality,” Simon shares.

Read more about Simon’s First Impressions below!

What do you do at CHG, and what do you like about your job? I am a physician recruiter on the CompHealth locum tenens general surgery team in Salt Lake City, Utah — and what don’t I like about my job? There are so many great things about my experience here that has led me to believe it is pretty close to a perfect fit for me and my personality. If I had to pick one thing I love most, I enjoy being in a very positive environment, around pleasant people who strive to do their best and work on personal development both in and out of the work place.

When did you come to CHG? I started in November 2013.

How did you hear about CHG, and what made you want to apply? My wife was looking for a job in early 2013, I was helping her look over some of the best companies in Utah that really strive to take care of their employees. CHG was one of these companies, and I thought to myself “now that is a company that could inspire me to make a change in my career.” I checked back from time to time on the website, read articles and watched videos and learned more about the company. I was very impressed that CHG was ranked No. 3 on Fortune magazine’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For.

In May 2013, I inquired more about CHG from a friend that worked there (Bielle Crump), and she was so busy she didn’t get back to me immediately. I was wrapped up in my busy season of my business, so I didn’t have too much time to think about it. After Labor Day when business slowed down, I asked Bielle again about her experience with CHG, and she said she absolutely loved working there. I hadn’t applied for a job since I was in my teens, but after talking with Bielle, I put together a resume and got it off to her.

Where were you working before you came to CHG? For the last eight years I was running a small business that I started in 2003. Prior to that I was working as a manager at the Salt Lake Country Club, where I was lucky to be mentored by some very inspiring people.

How has working at CHG compared to your other working experience? CHG is the best of both worlds (employee and business owner). I have the ability to use the resources and tools of a great company, but also use my drive and motivation to create my own business within a business. Working as a small business owner can be great at times, but I felt like I was responsible for so many things. I learned a lot about all aspects of business, but now at CHG I can focus all of my efforts in one place. I really enjoy being part of a team and getting feedback, coaching and support.

What can you tell me about your first day? The staff was so welcoming and friendly. Everything was very well planned out with an itinerary of the first week so we knew what to expect.

What has been your most memorable experience so far? The day I graduated from training and started on general surgery was my most memorable experience. For the previous eight weeks, I went through training with five other great individuals, and we all shared different types of success through that time. Our trainers gave us a great sendoff and then we went over to our teams. The first few hours on the team felt a bit strange, but a few hours later my team gave me a mini welcoming party. They also busted out some dance music and made me dance to celebrate the days that I had booked so far.

How have you seen CHG’s core value of Growth in action? I work on the same floor as the CORE training area and every two weeks get to see a new group of people starting a new career at CHG. My training group consisted of six people; the group that came right after us had over 20 people. I have also seen growth on my own general surgery team and am working hard to do my part to expand our share of the market.

How do you know that your work at CHG matters? I get a lot of great feedback from my team, other co-workers and my leaders. Our division also has a weekly meeting called “Making a difference” where we all get to share stories of the people that we or the doctors we work with help. I have had the chance to share a few stories myself, and I imagine as time goes on there will be many more. I also work hard to make sure that I am making a contribution and being the best consultant and teammate that I can be.

Do you have any advice for new or potential CHG employees? During my first week of training, we were able to ask for some advice from a few reps that had been there for a while. I asked this same question to them, and one of them told me that when you start building momentum, make sure you keep running with it. I was lucky enough to be able to get some good momentum during the first few weeks of training, and things have been going well ever since. I always think back to this advice and make sure I am working hard, putting in a solid effort and being consistent.