Trip to Jackson Hole

Riding along in front of the Tetons

Angie and I used some gift certificates to go up to Jackson Hole over the past weekend and had an amazing and gorgeous time! We were originally going to do the Hill Climb up at the Bear Lake Classic, but it was only 3.5 miles and seemed like an incredible waste of time once I got up there. Instead of doing the race we headed straight to Jackson Hole and checked into our hotel at the Lexington. After that we went and had sushi at a place called Nakai that was just a short walk from our hotel.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast and then headed out, I went on a ride called the Kelley Loop which gave an amazing view of the mountains up in Jackson Hole and the Tetons, past the JT Moulon Ranch and it was fun riding with the Bison. After that I met up with Angie at the visitors center and we went into the national park, I rode my bike up to the top of signal mountain, there was such a beautiful view. After that Angie and I drove around and took some great photos then went over to a place called Jenny Lake, such spectacular scenery! Angie started feeling better and wanted to ride from Jenny Lake home so I dropped her off then drove the car over to the Hotel and then went around on my bike the Wilson route to meet up with her and ride home. She got lost in a scary part of the ride and was pretty shaken when I finally met up with her. After that we came back to the hotel and then went out for a delicious dinner at the Merry Piglets restaurant and had a pitcher of Margaritas.

We are happy little piglets eating mexican food at the Merry Piglets restaurant!

On our way home we were so hungry, we stopped and grabbed something to eat at “In and Out” burger in Bountiful, then when we got back into town Angie and I were having such a craving for a milkshake that we stopped at Artic Circle right before going home. As we were going through the driver through we heard a crunch, and right then I realized that we left our bikes on the rack and had damaged them, it was such a horrible sound. I was freaking out, and I destroyed my favorite Orbea in just a matter of seconds.

My favorite bike, cracked in 2 places! All it took was a second of not thinking.

There was a silver lining though, I don’t know what made me think of it but I started researching online and found that my bike was covered by my homeowners insurance as personal property, and was able to get a brand new Orbea Orca gold!

The new Orbea Orca Gold to replace my Matte Black one:)

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